The company

The Sails Company was founded by the original author and maintainers of the Sails framework, and is the primary sponsor of the Sails open source project. In the years prior, the Sails core team had worked together at a development shop, building and maintaining the Sails framework & its companion projects in their spare time. In 2015, with the help of Y-Combinator, the Sails Company was able to shift its focus to working full time on the Sails framework and related tools.

Our philosophy

We aim to improve the day to day experience of server-side development, and make it more accessible to people of all experience levels and backgrounds. Above all, we strive to help developers build their apps more efficiently, and with less risk. But we’re also committed to providing high-quality tools, services, and educational resources that make server-side development more transparent— so that someday, anyone who can understand basic backend concepts can build an app.

What we do

The Sails Company is the primary sponsor of the Sails framework and all related open-source projects, such as Waterline, the Node Machine specification, and Skipper. We develop the frameworks and tools that empower JavaScript developers to reach new levels of productivity, and we provide professional support via Flagship to make the process of Node.js development dramatically faster and easier for organizations.

Professional support

Flagship is the professional support plan from the people behind Sails. We’re here to answer your team’s questions, accelerate your development, and guide you through any stage of the process: planning, implementation, or production.

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