Flagship professional support gives you direct access to the builders and maintainers of the framework. We’re here to answer your team’s questions, streamline your process, and de-risk your development efforts.

Quick answers.

Support tickets are your lifeline to the Sails.js team. They’ll get you the answers you need when you can’t find them anywhere else. With a guaranteed response time.

If you run into a problem developing your Sails app, or have a question you can’t find the answer to, submit a support ticket. It's simple, secure, and a core maintainer will get back to you within 1 business day. (Faster response times available.)

Speak to the core team.

Direct access to the engineers who build and maintain Sails keeps your development process running smoothly.

Sometimes, a few minutes with someone who has solved a problem before can save you days or even weeks of work. When you’re not sure of the right way to approach a challenge, log in and schedule virtual office hours with a member of the Sails core team.

Let us check over your code.

Confidential code reviews help keep your Node.js code maintainable, consistent, and secure.

If there is a part of your app you don't feel confident about, or you just want to verify you're on the right track, schedule a code review. A core maintainer will look at the section where you have the most concerns, alert you to potential bugs/edge-cases that may arise, and walk you through how to solve them.

Ready to set sail?

Flagship support starts at $600/month
for a team of up to 4.

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